Be Resilient

Defeat may test you; it need not stop you. If at first you don’t succeed, try another way. For every obstacle there is a solution. Nothing in the world can take place of persistence. The greatest mistake is giving up.

Do not give up

Do not give up and do not give in, For hope is there to make you win.
Whether through trouble or through pain, The lesson should be in vain.
Staring through the night, IT might feel like you have lost sight.
But behold just a few moments more, And light will break through with a road.
Do not give up and do not give in, For hope is there to make you win.

Building Smart Nation

A smart nation is the one where people can be made empowered by technology so they can live meaningful and fulfilled lives through harnessing the power of networks, data and info-comm technologies. A smart nation can not just be built by the Government, but the input has to be from all the citizens, companies, agencies etc.

It’s an African proverb:

It takes a village to raise a child.

If you want a child to grow up and contribute back to the society you need the Teacher, the Police Officer, the Uncle, the Parents to Train and Guide the child to how the village want the child to be. Similarly it takes a ecosystem to build a smart nation.


Best advice if you’re just starting your startup

Here is my list of advice to all the young guns who have just put on their shoe in the world of entrepreneurship.

  1. Focus on your customer more than your product.
  2. Get fixed on your customer experience, and your product will keep changing to serve them best. But fix your product, and customers will find a path that fits them, with or without you.
  3. We’ve moved from the industrial age where it was all about the product and productization to the technological age where it’s all about the customer and customization.
  4. Instead of focusing on product development and production lines (which we learned about and were a part of at school), focus on customer experiences and customization lines.
  5. Your business doesn’t start when you have a product. It starts when you have a customer. So who is your perfect customer? Start from there.
  6. Solve your customer problem
  7. Promise only what you can deliver
  8. Keep upgrading your answers (and your products) regularly. Because what your customers need, their expectations and how they are being served will keep changing fast. And once you get into the flow, you’ll begin to know what they need before them, and they’ll begin pre-buying your next product.
  9. Get closer than ever to your customer. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves. ~ Steve Jobs
  10. The easiest way to future-proof your business is to have customers that love you.
  11. The easiest way to fail is to love your idea or product more than you love your customers. So find your soul-market and fall in love all over again.


Larry Smith on Why you will fail to have great career

Inspiring Video, recommended for all the young guls & guys who are perusing their careers & willing to make a difference between a good career and a great career. During the talk the speaker goes deep into the analysis on what are the factors which hurdles when it comes to perusing your ideal career.

Credits: Video via TED Talk

Importance of Time in an Entrepreneur’s Life

As an employee, you probably went into work every day and had a defined role where you’d know pretty much exactly what you’d need to complete and the time you had to do each task. You had 8 hours at work to close yourself off from your home life and focus on your job. You were probably able to browse the web throughout the day and interact with your social media following, with no-one noticing or distract yourself by chatting to colleagues and yet you’d still bring home the same salary every month regardless of effort.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll probably have a much wider variety of tasks that need to be done, some of which are likely to take you away from the core money making part of your business. You’ll need to determine for yourself the jobs that need to be accomplished during the day and make decisions regarding your schedule. Perhaps the biggest implication regarding the importance of time management is that if you fail to complete the tasks that needed to be done and you dont reach your goals, it could result in a direct loss of income -or no income at all.

When you’re home based, it’s easy to be distracted by running a couple of errands, going to the shops, doing some cleaning, or picking the kids up from school. You have to learn to be strict with yourself about what task is most important, and make sure you do it first.

Time is an Entrepreneur’s Best Asset. If you do not give the importance of time than time will not importance to you. It is something we do not realise when it is with us, but when we realise it is very late as it has fled away. So just try your very best to use time for as productive activities as possible. Time is Key, Don’t Let it Go.

Ideas worth sharing

It’s always been a part of the discussion that whether to share your ideas or not. I am always in the favor of speaking out. People have lots of fear though, perhaps the most insidious fear of all is that someone might steal their ideas. I say them to take it positively. There may be few who even give you a great feedback and let say if someone even steals your precious idea, they can’t steal the more important resources and skills that you have. You being the originator of the idea have a long vision compare the copy cats. Focus on the things unique to you that your competitors cannot steal such as:

Long Term Vision:  Your vision for your idea is your long term driving force. People may steal your idea, but they cannot steal the vision that you have for your idea.

Technologies, social networks, trends, all come and go, but a company still remains that’s all due to the vision. All the Meaningful companies are built upon a strong timeless vision, whether its Google, Twitter or Facebook all have great visions. Imagine how many people must have tried to be What twitter does and what Facebook does? But the one reason which just makes them stand out, as I see its basically the long term vision. People may try to do what they are doing, or may try to capture the market they are tapping now, but at the end the one with a long vision wins.

Domain Expertise: I consider ideas are the outcomes of your surroundings, and usually come when you go through experiences. So the level of experience and exposure you have to your idea and its surroundings, the others won’t have, they may go for that particular domain but they won’t have that knowledge that you have.

Passion to make this idea a reality:  People may get excited when you first share them the idea or when they first see it, they may even go and copy it. But the passion about the idea will last only few days and will surely fade almost instantly once they realize the difficulties that lie moving ahead.

Why you should always share your ideas?

The best answer to the above question, is just one word “Feedback”. The benefits of accountability and feedback outweigh the risk that someone stealing your idea! With feedback coming to your idea, you will find yourself more committed. You will be raised such questions that you might not even have thought. Some people may not even like your idea, some may even acknowledge while some will have no response. Just note down all the feedback and decide whether to move ahead or not based upon it.

To whom you should be sharing your ideas with?

The best people to share your idea are the ones for whom you are creating the idea for. Be pro-active, set up a meeting with them, try pitching them your idea and see what they say. Note down all the feedback with open heart. Do not worry much about what people may say on what you are pitching, just go and give your best to explain them what your idea is all about and try to refine your idea each time when you receive the feedback.

Hope above thoughts may refine your thinking on why its important to share your ideas. Don’t worry about someone stealing your idea, worry about the things you may get when you share your idea.

7 Ways on how you can achieve positivity

You decide what you want, Positivity is hard work and staying positive is challenging.

No matter how much you achieve, but still you always want more. Winning is fun, but unfortunately its temporary. You should be happy (and positive) regardless if you win or lose. Here are the seven ways on how you can achieve positivity:

  1. Give space: Be open to ideas, listen others and give others the chance
  2. Be Enthusiastic: Get excited about what you do, what you need to do and share them with others.
  3. Bring a Smile: Don’t make yourself too serious as a personality, make a prank, laugh at yourself if you can but, bring a smile on other faces
  4. Don’t React: In case of discussion, when you feel that you are unhappy with someone else point. Take a deep breath, drink a glass of water and
  5. Think before you speak: rather than speaking and then thinking.
  6. Have Sportsman Spirit: If you loose, learn from it and appreciate others.
  7. Be Human: Ask others how are they, how they feel, listen to experiences and bring a feel that you are a part of them.
  8. Be Patient: Don’t force any decisions. Let the situation play out.

In short, people who tend to be more positive and have a positive attitude towards there life are tend to be more successful.

If you want to change yourself and the level of success, you must first change yourself.

Having the right attitude

Our actions are all influenced by our attitude. It is only the right attitude, which gets us good results. It has been said that Opportunity ‘knocks’ at every door. If we utilise it, it leads to success. Every problem that we face is nothing but an opportunity, to success, by learning how to conquer it. The better we get at problem solving, the more successful we are.

Theory is only fully understood by solving problems. One cannot succeed in life with mere theories; it is only the application of theory, in overcoming problems, that brings the desired results. So Work hard, have the right attitude and lead your way towards the success.

Reviewing the First Interns Program

Career services today just aren’t effective, especially compared to the cost of our education and how little is guaranteed in our careers after graduation. So decided to change that and introduce ‘Interns Program’. It is an Immersive Internship Program that prepares students for the world’s most in-demand careers. A six weeks program completely based on learning and challenges. Students start its week by learning a skill and later they get an opportunity to work on a real-world problem related to that skill and have fun along the way.

With each round/week, students who are unable to complete the challenges are eliminated automatically. Hence the program will output students who are self-motivated and have an aptitude for learning new things.

Progress Report: First Interns Program

Earlier this year, launched the first intern’s program. Since this was a start, so took students who were interested in learning and developing skills to be a front-end developer. A total of 300 applications were received, out of which 200 applications were accepted based on the criteria set initially by us.

The six-week program started on 19th Feb 2018. As it moved along the weeks, students started to get eliminated. The program which started with 200 interns and in the end, only 48 best remained who manage to complete all the challenges.

An impressive outcome of this program was the HTML Challenger App which was completely build by interns.

Each intern was also assigned an individual project which was made compulsory in order to acquire the certificate. Some of the key highlight work is as under:

Some of the interesting feedback received is as under:

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship and now have very valuable experience under my belt. I know this will help when looking for jobs and needing references. I was dreading it in the beginning, but now I am so happy it was required. As much as the curriculum changes, I hope that class remains constant.

This experience has only gotten me more excited to continue in this field for my career. Many times an internship is a wake-up call to students that they’re in the wrong major, but it was the opposite for me. Not everyone will have a great experience, but being an intern is one of the best things I’ve ever done! ~ Annus Bin Zia

Because of your tutorial and motivation I got an internship in a company as a designer/Developer… thank you for that : )) ~ Rahim Damani

So after a long break from coding I found it pretty hard to get back on track & had lost confidence in myself but I feel lucky to be a part of this program it was very helpful, creative & has given me my confidence back plus I have my own portfolio now. Mr. Shahzaib was very helpful & guided throughout the program in the best possible way and never got annoyed by any of the msg or the question. I loved this whole program and I blessed to be a part of it. Alhamdulilah. Thank you Interns Pakistan ~ Ayesha Naved

When I first enrolled in the Interns Program i didn’t really expect to learn so much about so many different area from html to php and even further. The Internship Program really helped me erect my vision for the future and Polished my whatsoever knowledge of html and css. This Idea of online internship is rather unique and adaptable. A Great experience it has been 🙂 Thankyou ~ Humayoun Baig

Interns Pakistan has been a great platform for many students to learn and practice different gave chance to many to polish their skills…I am glad to be a part of this program. ~ Urooj Iltifat

I thoroughly enjoyed this internship program. I really want to appreciate the efforts of INTERNS PAKISTAN to give us this opportunity to learn in an organized way and due to this I also audited myself for where I lie on the graph of knowing or understanding different languages or frameworks.~ Maha

I am very much satisfied with the overall progress of the first intern’s program. Moving forward, I would definitely need to see how this program can further enhance and further contribute as a catalyst in improving the lives of the interns.