Life is an opportunity

Life is an opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime. There, we would find happiness and pain, intertwined in a destiny that we shape ourselves.

I’ve gone through and has seen and faced many ups and downs as every other man or woman; whether in relationships, family and career. I’m thankful for the experience where lessons were and are still abound. The tears, be it for joy or pain, helped shape me for what I am.

Be it small victories like affording a dream holiday to even climbing the career ladder, I’m happy and thankful to what I have blessed with.

But we must not stop dreaming. There should still be hunger to strive for the better and be more. Hence, there are few dreams that I am still working towards and are yet to be fulfilled, which remains as the goal in my life.

As my life mantra, dreams are meant to be lived.

Ask yourself the question, what mark would you want to make for yourself in this world?