Programmers are like unicorns

Last night an amazing discussion started on “Why programmers are like unicorns”, the best 5 reasons i could every come up with on why programmers are like unicorns are:

1. They are pale
Like we all know, unicorns are white. So are most programmers after all these hours in front of a computer screen.

2. You approach them carefully so you won’t scare them off
In the rare case that you do meet one, I’d recommend giving them candy, smile and nod and accept all their wishes (especially $$$ wishes.. lolz). Otherwise you probably won’t see them again.

3. They make magic happen
They say something like <?helloo…..?> and un-explainable magic happens! Yay!

4. You treat them like royalty
Don’t expect them to work over the weekend. Don’t expect them to fix your printer. Be thankful for what they do. Always pay them well and promptly.

5. They are so RARE…
… or more to the point: they are always taken.