Goals, Motivation & Believe

“Goals, Motivation & Believe” is what you all require,
Is the Key to what ever you need to acquire.

Goals are the needs that you require,
Comes only when you have a desire.

Motivation are the road map for what ever you desire,
Creates in you a speed like a fire.

Believe is something out of the World,
It comes only when you being in the World.

Saying & Doing are two different Words,
But both happens when you think out of the World.

So Believe in yourself is what we all need to concrete,
Rest is all done by the Almighty Indeed.

The courage that you get for believing in yourself is the gift from God,
the reason behind it is your determination and all.

So Roads are the ways that you need to choose,
Rest are standing here and there to help you, calm you & make you cool.

So all you require are the Goals, Motivation & Believe,
since Success Only comes when you have a belief.