What does the term Startups mean?

Its hard to explain the term “Startups” specially to those who knows nothing about “What startups are?” and i always use to wonder, how to explain the term Startups?

One day i sat down and really thought about it. Startups, more or less it has the same analogy to a business but just with a little change. Startups itself means “the act of starting a new operation or practice”. The keyword “new” here brings that change. Startups are basically build together by a group of people to bring a change. A change in thinking in-order to bring a change in the whole society.

Example is Facebook, Millions of people use Facebook which was started by a group of Harvard students and it brought a change in the whole society of the world via communication style.

So in simple terms, startups can be defined as:
“Innovative minds get together to bring a Change in the society”