Following your plans

It’s always hard to follow your plans, but it’s not impossible. To keep yourself and your goal intact, make sure you divide your plans into parts and follow them.

Today I will be sharing with you my eight points that I always try to follow in order to achieve my plans:

  1. Always be Optimistic, not over-optimistic: Be realistic but always hope for better,
  2. Always think positive: even if some days are going bad, don’t worry take them as a lesson and try to start a new beginning from that particular failure
  3. Their lives endless possibilities so if the world says NO. you must say YES. Be a little Odd
  4. Never ever Give Up: Giving up over some objective is like you have a dead end
  5. Always try to feel like that you can do it: Try to do something which gives you motivation from inside, it really depends from person to person. So one may be happy playing tennis and winning it since he is best at it, so there could be numerous ways of gaining confidence. Which at last makes you feel that you can do it.
  6. Start seeing obstacles as an opportunity: There are always some objectives at which we see numerous of obstacles. Take them as a chance of showing you inside out and become better at your job.
  7. Look for a seed of something when everything is going bad: There are days when everything seems to be quite off and you may feel like there are no more opportunities left, people may start to push you down but don’t give up lookout for something, a tiny little star which is still left shinning for you.
  8. Always hold the promise of doing better with the next job: Okie.. if you have achieved one goal then look out there is Next in the line as well. Try to beat your record. Compete with your self rather than others.

I hope these eight points might make a difference in your life even. Try to follow them, in case you have trouble understanding, do let me know.