Today we will discuss how can we focus towards our goal.

If you search over the internet, you will find numerous ways on How to stay focused towards your goal. More or less all of them are right & are good to follow even. But let me share with you my secret.

Since last 8 years, i have been following this and i have no doubt in saying this that i never ended up being unsuccessful. I believe the best way to achieve your goal is to have a “Short Term Plans” rather than single “Long Term Plan”. I personally find them easy to achieve and they help me stay focused.

Let’s  take an example:

Let say you want to be a successful Entrepreneur. Now if you see, this is a LONG TERM PLAN. You cannot achieve this in 1 day. By just staring at this and have no short term plans you can not remain focused.

Try to see the hidden questions which are present over here, which we need to ask ourselves.

  1. Its ok, that i want to be a successful Entrepreneur but in what field?
  2. What’s the methodology that i need to follow in order to get this?
  3. Am i going to be building a product or consulting a business?
  4. If its a Product then what should be the product model?
  5. What should be the MVP of it?

Above are just few examples of the hidden questions that we never see or if see, don’t want to answer them. I say these are very important questions to answer, reason they lead you towards the SHORT TERM PLAN.

Just to give you an example a few SHORT TERM PLANS from the above list:

  1. Getting intouch with the right sort of the people who are successful Entrepreneurs, knowing their failures and success stories
  2. Getting the right Idea
  3. Doing the Market Research

All of these if you see needs a specific spell (some time). I call them SHORT TERM PLANS.

I personally think this is the best way of moving forward. By setting down clear and specific short term plans, you will be able to stay focused towards what you want and hence be in a better position to take action accordingly.