Action Plan against factors that impede the achievement of your goals

Often while working towards your goal, you see an obstacle that blocks your progress. The unfortunate part about obstacles is that they come without warning. If we do nothing about them we are bound to come face to face with one of the following conditions:

  • You Lose Energy
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Lack of Time Management
  • Lack of Enthusiasm

These are all signs of weaknesses and come when you fear that you might fail, you doubt your skills or it may even be some kind of other social pressure that you have started facing again. Each of these factors is a potential barrier and could well and potentially prevent your ability to reach your goals.

There are ways for removing these, or at least for minimizing their impact. Let us consider two of the most common problems:

1. Fear that you might fail:

This is a most common problem. We all experience a fear that we may lose. I often reframe this feeling in a very different manner. Losing is not bad…. Shocked? You shouldn’t be, take it instead in a very different way. You have simply not reached your goal yet,  nothing else.

Nobody likes to fail, it is however sometimes important to do so. Failure teaches us many things, most importantly, “hope to do better”. So, do not worry about failure, just continue to do your very best to achieve what you desire.

I always learned from my mentors that one should always take failures as the opportunity to move forward. So I always learn from my failures and feel proud to share them even.

2. Doubt about your skills:

How strong is your determination to reach your goals? Doubts lead to a lack of commitment and have the potential to weaken your confidence in your own skills and abilities. You may start thinking: I do not possess the skills necessary to reach my goals, or, I cannot achieve this because I do not possess certain skills & abilities…

Some ways through which you can overcome these doubts:

  • Think positively about your skills and abilities
  • Concentrate on the skills which work best for you
  • Do not ask others about your skills, answer this question yourself, you yourself know better.
  • Be positive and work hard at the skill you choose

These are some of the most common problems we normally face, I hope I have covered most of it and provided you with the possible solutions.