DiscoverMatch: Right people for the Right Jobs

At Identifi Generation Y is the major segment of society that we assist and work with. Our research has shown that company culture, people and the workspace are critical components in decisions to take up particular opportunities. In light of this, we are in the initial phases of launching a new service called Discover Match. It provides companies with an attractive platform to display their company culture, people and workspace. This space helps companies attract talent to apply directly as well as follow the company for future updates.

The Main Page

This page is built to provide an overview of the company and quickly communicates some key values behind their individual set ups. What we found with existing company websites and other platforms, was the difficulty in getting a quick idea from their pages of what the company was all about. The aim of our page is to help communicate multiple messages in a simple and effective manner. With several exciting additions in the next iteration, this page is going to improve exponentially!

The People

Most companies have a people section. In 98% of websites this may or may not include a picture and a professional bio, overall, nothing that really communicates who this person is, how they got here and what excites them. Our goal with this page is to communicate all these factors. I believe these are some of the most important pages for a company. You do not always need to have a fancy office or perks, working with a group of smart and dedicated individuals is definitely a most important factor.

The Office

This is the most clicked-through section on our pages. Workspaces say a lot about a company and its culture. It is like walking into someone’s house, you immediately start forming an opinion about them. This page was built to not only display the office, it also talks about the culture and perks at the company.

Update: In the last few weeks we have managed to work with companies of all sizes, from SAP to a small startup that is just getting off the ground. If you view both their Company pages, even though they use the same format, you can sense the fundamental differences between them. If a picture is worth a thousand words, videos set the bar a lot higher.