Your Story at Curcle

Starting today will be the series of videos and interviews about people like you. Those who are young and just starting.

The first two stories covered are:

Published on Feb 9, 2016:

Meet Asma Sabahat. founder of Kaghaz

She has a degree in Mass Communication and is a Homemaker turned Entrepreneur. She is visionate and passionate artist who works on a vision to reproduce and rejuvenate master pieces of art work that brings a positive impact in people lives.

Her story is specially inspiring for young entrepreneurs who can learn from her story on how she developed her own niche market for business & making it better by persistent focus & patience.

Published on Mar 12, 2016

Nusrat & Torsam Journey of The Forty Two Day Challenge

Learn via the video the journey of Nusrat & Torsam on how they started their health startup “The Forty Two Challenge”. Its basically a program designed in a way that the challenge is open to everyone – from obese to skinny, from old to young, from people wanting to lose weight to people who just want to become toned.