Everyday approximately 73% of people come back from work unfulfilled and unsatisfied with what they do everyday. I imagine a world where this statistic is completely and comprehensively reversed! A world where the vast majority of people coming back home daily feel satisfactorily fulfilled with their work and secure in the knowledge that they have contributed to something bigger than themselves.

The process of how career decisions are made is an imperfect and fractured one. Our schools and universities contribute insufficiently in helping to guide us in the making of one of the most important decisions of our lives. Our strengths and weaknesses are not adequately identified or worked upon in the early stages of our growth cycles. We are hence left to make uninformed decisions, which more often than not leads us into following career paths that pay the bills but do not contribute to much more in the personal growth and satisfaction sphere.

My idea is to help individuals, at the high school and university level, make better career decisions. We will do this through a web service that will help identify their strengths, weaknesses and work preferences. Coupled with their inherent skills, they can then get matched to companies from all around the world who are looking for just such individuals. I have a prototype of our service up atĀ www.identifi.com

Getting the right person in the right job has a much larger impact and far reaching repercussions than to just that one person. It has the potential and ability to influence all of those around them. When levels of well being and satisfaction are apparent and discernible in the work place everyone around them benefits and is inspired by this sense of enthusiasm and achievement as well.

My goal is to help as many people as possible find careers where they can excel in personal and professional spaces. I believe this will in turn benefit and enrich personal lives and society as a whole!