The mighty Jan 2019

#2019GreatStart: Lots of experiences to share from Jan 2019.

Let’s start with my Research: 

Over 5 years ago, I had the privilege to work over a startup called as “IDENTIFI”. It was a career discovery platform where we use to use personality of an individual to predict their career. After signing off from IDENTIFI, I never had thought there will be a time again in my life to work on a similar sort of space. But life is completely unpredictable, the life brings you yet again on similar pages, after 365 days of hard work and a few days of sleepless nights. Here comes my first published Master’s research paper on detection of cyberbullying using personality.

The paper titled as “Cyberbullying detection on twitter using Big Five and Dark Triad features” presents a cyberbullying detection model based on user personality, determined by the Big Five and Dark Triad models. The model aims to recognize bullying patterns among Twitter communities, based on relationships between personality traits and cyberbullying. Random Forest, a well-known machine-learning algorithm was used for cyberbullying classification (i.e. aggressor, spammer, bully and normal), applied in conjunction with a baseline algorithm encompassing seven Twitter features. To learn more, follow the link:

Apart from above, another great news that i received this month was that i finally have completed my Masters, as my thesis got approved after review 🙂 


For me traveling is life, it energizes me, brings my inside child back to life and put into me a very different perspective of life. Last year, i hardly had a chance to travel to any specific place due to my commitment towards my research and masters. This year from Day 1 i had the full plan on. This time i traveled to SWAT, a valley in Northern part of Pakistan. It was truly a mesmerizing experience to visit this place. In simple words, heaven on earth. 


Normally i am not a very good reader to be honest. I am more of a Technical reader/writer as that is what i need in order to upgrade my skills or do specific research. This year i specially have set a goal to at-least read three books. The year starts with “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy.

The writer has done such an amazing job in explaining the most complex thing i.e Life. Have put together some great examples showcasing how small things in life can make a huge difference. The choices you make, the friends you move around with and the habits you develop. All at the end contribute back to your life and that what is Compound Effect. 

Other Readings: