Lavish Weddings

I have been thinking through this topic from quite a while, though it may look bizarre to many but thinking out loud we all have to open up discussions to discourage this.

The current wedding practices in our society has taken away the real essence of marriage. Instead of focusing to create a solid foundation of a happy relationship, our energies are more on the on the weak standards.

Expensive JORA/Designer Makeup/blah blah..

I know.. For many of us their wedding should be a happy and fun moment.. which leaves everlasting memories, but think twice on what we are doing. It’s nothing but the consumerism that is driving you, instead of investing in dresses, and luxuries, why are we not investing in relationships.

As young educated individuals, we need to show a higher level of awareness in order to inspire others to step out of this norm.

My point is to make weddings simple, decent and happy as for me simplicity is beauty.

I know many of you may point fingers that this may happen in your wedding too, but just want to say: At-least i had a courage to open up this discussion. We all need to start from some where.

I hope inshallah i find someone who is sensible enough to understand what is written above.