It’s fun to be young

When we are young, we are new to things, and when it comes to learning new things all we get at the start is “The Pain”. We work really hard, day and night to understand & learn. I see it as both curse and a gift.

It’s a Curse because when things are new, we always get set-backs and the level of frustration increases due to continuous failures. We might give up before we know the reason why the thing wasn’t working.

It’s a gift because we have the ability to make things drastically better. So this is the time to do the impossible because we don’t know enough to know what can’t be done yet.

All we get a chance is once in a lifetime, to be called as the beginner. Let’s move on.

And Remember all the young ones: “No Pain No Gain”.. Although this still apply’s to older ones even : ) Have Fun.