IDENTIFI Enterprise Goes Live

Its a good day, we finally have launched our first version of IDENTIFI Enterprise Site.

To give you a brief snapshot on what IDENTIFI does, here is a quick run through about IDENTIFI.


IDENTIFI provides organizations with cloud based solutions to manage their Human Resource operations and employee careers. Solutions range from pre-employment assessments to building developmental plans for existing employees. Our data driven approach enables organizations to leverage their raw talent data to make better hiring, talent development and employee retention decisions.

Mission for IDENTIFI:

77% of individuals are disengaged with the work they do every single day according to Gallup Research. We imagine the world where that statistic is completely reversed. Where a large majority of indivdiuals go home everyday fulfilled by work, feeling that they have contributed to something larger than themselves. We make this possible by enabling companies to attract the right talent, who fit the job role as well as the company culture.