Ideas worth sharing

It’s always been a part of the discussion that whether to share your ideas or not. I am always in the favor of speaking out. People have lots of fear though, perhaps the most insidious fear of all is that someone might steal their ideas. I say them to take it positively. There may be few who even give you a great feedback and let say if someone even steals your precious idea, they can’t steal the more important resources and skills that you have. You being the originator of the idea have a long vision compare the copy cats. Focus on the things unique to you that your competitors cannot steal such as:

Long Term Vision:  Your vision for your idea is your long term driving force. People may steal your idea, but they cannot steal the vision that you have for your idea.

Technologies, social networks, trends, all come and go, but a company still remains that’s all due to the vision. All the Meaningful companies are built upon a strong timeless vision, whether its Google, Twitter or Facebook all have great visions. Imagine how many people must have tried to be What twitter does and what Facebook does? But the one reason which just makes them stand out, as I see its basically the long term vision. People may try to do what they are doing, or may try to capture the market they are tapping now, but at the end the one with a long vision wins.

Domain Expertise: I consider ideas are the outcomes of your surroundings, and usually come when you go through experiences. So the level of experience and exposure you have to your idea and its surroundings, the others won’t have, they may go for that particular domain but they won’t have that knowledge that you have.

Passion to make this idea a reality:  People may get excited when you first share them the idea or when they first see it, they may even go and copy it. But the passion about the idea will last only few days and will surely fade almost instantly once they realize the difficulties that lie moving ahead.

Why you should always share your ideas?

The best answer to the above question, is just one word “Feedback”. The benefits of accountability and feedback outweigh the risk that someone stealing your idea! With feedback coming to your idea, you will find yourself more committed. You will be raised such questions that you might not even have thought. Some people may not even like your idea, some may even acknowledge while some will have no response. Just note down all the feedback and decide whether to move ahead or not based upon it.

To whom you should be sharing your ideas with?

The best people to share your idea are the ones for whom you are creating the idea for. Be pro-active, set up a meeting with them, try pitching them your idea and see what they say. Note down all the feedback with open heart. Do not worry much about what people may say on what you are pitching, just go and give your best to explain them what your idea is all about and try to refine your idea each time when you receive the feedback.

Hope above thoughts may refine your thinking on why its important to share your ideas. Don’t worry about someone stealing your idea, worry about the things you may get when you share your idea.