#AajKeAchiBaat: Collection of good vibes for the day

Recently i ran a two weeks long movement, sharing a single good vibe every day. I called it as #AajKeAchiBaat, here is the collection of some of my words on certain selective topics.

Willingness to Learn:
As a student, you should always be willing to learn and get the best out of your Master.

Relationship & Respect:
If you want to build good relationships, learn to accept others on how they are, find the similarities and respect the differences.

Working Hard:
Every day is New, try to Work Harder than your previous day to achieve your dreams. As dreams don’t work, unless you make them

To keep your relationships strong, Use a Triple-A (AAA) approach to life. Make apology, Deal people with affection, and a promise of

Don’t let your ears hear what your eyes haven’t seen and don’t let your mouth say what your heart doesn’t feel.

Relationship & Trust:
Relationships are built on trust and trust is like a paper, once it’s crumpled it can’t be perfect. Beware of each and every act you do, don’t let the trust go down.

One should see things from all the different perspectives, not limit yourself to one angle or to one point of view.

Hard work v/s Talent:
In the race of talent and hard work. Hard work will win always win, so work hard as It will always pay off.

Enjoy your failures, as they give you the opportunity to stand again.

An advice of Older People Matter:
Listen to the advice of older people. Not because they are right, but because they have the most experience being wrong.

Calmness is the key to your strength, mastery & power. It’s a major difference between a successful and unsuccessful person.

The 4c’s of Life:
The 4c’s of Life: Choice, Chance, Change, Champion. You must make a Choice, to take the Chance, if you want anything in life to Change and to become a “Champion”

Success isn’t given rather it’s earned. Plus it doesn’t come in a matter of 1 day or 1 night. You need to continue working hard to get it.‬